Crooked I Mixtape...'Bout Damn Time...

Dub CNN has the download link for the Crooked I mixtape...It's all the hip hop weekly's to date...With the weekly release of a freestyle over popular songs Crooked I has proven that he's probably the hardest lyricist on the West right now...Half the time his verses comes off harder than the originals...Yeah there's a DJ hollerin' over this download (like with all mixtapes) but if you search real hard you can find all the original mp3's without all the hollerin' on the net...Or you could have accumulated all of them since the first week like I did and then they won't have all that...

September 7th & Crooked I - Hip-Hop Weekly (Mix)

1. N.W.A. (New West Anthem)
2. Straight 2 The Bank
3. I'm Throwed
4. Vibe Wit A Bo$$
5. Take You There
6. 2nd Coming
7. Tuck Ya Ice
8. Umbrella
9. We Takin' Over
10. Get It Shawty
11. Amusement Park
12. Crusin'
13. Just The King
14. You Make Me Better
15. Deep Cover
16. You Know My Steez
17. Boy Looka Here (Horseshoe Gang)
18. Go Getta Remix
19. Big Shit Poppin'
20. International Players
21. Pop Lock & Drop It
22. Can't Tell Me Nothing
23. My Bitch
24. Oh My God
25. Uh Oh
26. Died In Your Arms
27. Real Muthaphukkin' G'z

Again...I love mixtapes...