Happy Birthday Juxtapoz!!!

Most people know art makes my heart skip a beat (well so do food, music and shoes but whatever) but an art and charity combo is enough to make a girl...well...you know...

For their 15th Anniversary Juxtapoz is hosting an art auction where all proceeds will be donated to the Power House Project to help purchase and renovate foreclosed and abandoned homes in the Detroit area.

Upper Playground is hosting a viewing of the artwork and meet and greet with the artists November 14.

WHEN: Saturday, November 14, 2009 7-11 pm
WHERE: The Factory Place Arts Complex, 1308 Factory Place, Los Angeles, CA 90013


Can it be? I've been waiting with bated breath...I thought the last hiatus was long but this time it's been TWO years since the last Boondocks episode...The first episode of Season 3 is completed...Aaron McGruder confirmed it via Twitter himself...Now let's see how long it takes before The Cartoon Network/Adult Swim actually airs it...I connect more with Huey but I've really missed Riley's antics...

Ray Barbee Vault By Vans Release Party...