Da Bishop

Anyone in LA knows who I mean when I say 'Da Bishop'. For years a lot of us have seen the green and gold Cadillac rollin' through the streets in da hood (ROLLIN'!). Like all Hip Hop Icons Da Bishop is getting his own tennis shoe (more on the next Hip Hop Icon to get tennis shoes a little later).

As soon as I saw the shoe I immediately fell in love (let me interject that sometimes people find my taste questionable but of course I always find it ill). Even though I consider my myself a true sneakerhead I usually don't venture too far from Nikes and an occasional Adidas here and there. I fell in love with the shoe for a couple reasons though. First, green is my absolute favorite color. I bought a pair of DKNY skateboard tennis shoes back in '96 because they were 3 shades of green (to my surprise the pair was later reissued like last year). Second, stars are my favorite shape so I absolutely LOVE the stars around the eyelets! They remind me of these Greedy Genius eyelet stars I saw over at Freshness Mag a couple months ago which I fell in love with immediately too. Now I WILL admit the shoes are a tiny bit gaudy... others would say completely gaudy but since when has Da Bishop not been gaudy? It's so befitting of him which brings me to the third reason I fell in love with them...because I think I can freak the shit outta them. I think I can flip them in a gaudy ass, pretentious, Miami, Versace, bling, Ginger Rothstein, lots of gold way and I'm sorry the PanameƱa in me absolutely loves gaudy sometimes. Hey I was raised on a lot of gold...we'll just say 14K gold barrettes when I was two and leave it at that. Fourth, I know that very few people I run into will have these kicks and that makes them look just a little bit better.

I sent these shoes out to a few of the 'heads that I know and the response was let's say mixed...

ear hustle#1
Bishop Don Magic Juan got his own shoe. Flavor Flav or Bobby Brown might be next--voice of reason

I was thinking more along the lines of '2 Big MC' or K-Ci (fromJodeci)--whateyesaygoes

Is 2 big mc still alive?--voice of reason

I don't even know. If he is I'm sure you can find him gettin' his "paper or plastic?" on at some Yay area mini mart.--whateyesaygoes

ear hustle#2
I'm going to go ahead and say, NO!--blkjoker

LMAO!!!! YOU KNOW I WANT THEM!!! I LOVE GREEN!!!! AND STARS!!!! those stars look like those greedy genius stars. I think I can freak them!--wildfire

You will look like a freak, with them on! LOL!--blkjoker

ear hustle#3
I can't advocate his lifestyle, yet these are VERY hot!--a well tailored man

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