Curtis Jackson has officially lost his mind...

OK so posts have been non-existent...I'm trying to move and take care of a bunch of ish in my life so bloggin' has taken the backburner...Let's thank da lawd for friends...One of my fellow heads (thanks B!) IM'd me and asked how I felt about 50 Cent changing the name of his album to 'Cuurtis'....

WTF?!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! SOMEONE TELL ME THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE... If this dude is serious he just confirmed Cam's accusations of him having NO swagger...Altho very honestly...We knew the dude had no swag...Have we ever seen him in anything besides a wifebeater or a homo-ish looking suit?

Man a couple days you don't blog and the whole hip hop community goes nutso...WTF?!

And with this post I'm back snitches!!!!

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