Toy Watch

I love Toy Watches...I fell in love with the acrylic one's last year and was lucky enough to have someone buy me a pink one (thank you Kevy!) This watch is a favorite of Oprah and a lot of other celebs and at around $150 a pop they're not expensive at all...Well they weren't til the Spring Line came out...The New Spring line has been released and I can see the Toy Watch makers are trying everything in their power so you don't think they're playing...Unlike last year models which were all acrylic and nylon, the Spring line consists of materials like rose gold and ceramic...The ceramic one's actually remind me of the Chanel one's that were all the rage last year but at around $1,200 a watch instead of Chanel's $3,600-$26,000 this one is definitely a little more of a Toy...

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