Grafh Speaks Out About Jena 6

The past couple days my girl sk8betty has been posting bulletins on myspace regarding the Jena 6 situation...Until she pointed out the real lack of media coverage, I didn't realize it wasn't common knowledge...I just thought maybe I wasn't caught up on my current events...The first place I heard about this situation was over at YBF about a week ago...Ya'll already know I LOVE GRAFH but this video over at AllHipHop just cemented my respect for him......All I'm go'n say is (and ya'll know I have to limit my words 'cuz my righteousness and thoughts about the government and the system will have me ranting for the next 5 hours)...This is 2007 and we are still dealing with ish like this...Wake up People...Look at the world around you...Look at what they're doing to us...Modern day slavery...Some people think it's a cop out excuse but if you have true knowledge of laws, politics and history you will see the game they're playing...Power to The People...

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