Hollywould X Target collabo

The next accessory collabo for Target is with Hollywould... It's to be released October 14th and I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it... I've been a Hollywould fan for years but this collabo proves to be a little boring...The shoes and bags are nice but they seem to be missing that extra umph Hollywould shoes usually have...That might be 'cuz the price point for these Target shoes is $30 while normal Hollywould shoes can run $300-$600 but I thought that was the whole point of these collabos..."to bring afforable fashion to the masses"...I didn't think that the fashion part was to be sacrificed since the shoes were cheap but who am I foolin'...No matter what anyone tells you we all know a $30 pair of shoes can't compete with a $500 pair no matter who designs the shoe...What I do like about this collabo (unlike with the Devi Kroell collabo) is that a lot of these accessories are available in materials I'd actually rock like cotton, denim, leopard, satin and not just pleather as they like to call it...Straight up plastic is what I like to call it... The one's above are the “Lauren” Glitter/Lace Round-Toe Pumps with Patent Bow available in Silver & Pink $30 which I think are definitely coppable and the one's below are the “DeeDee” Zip Top available in Gold Denim, Silver Denim, Cognac Synthetic & Black Synthetic $40...These I wanna see in Denim 'cuz that might be hot but I'd stay away from the synthetics...

*By the way...Let me explain my aversion to cheap shoes 'cuz it's not just about style...It's about comfort, stability, foot health, back alignment and being able to walk in your heels correctly...My mother always told me never wear cheap shoes 'cuz you will have a bad day...And I always just thought she was being the image conscious fashionista that she is so I tried not to buy cheap shoes but every now and then I'd buy a pair...Let me tell you...The difference in cost is the difference between you working in heels all day, dancing the night away at the club, leaving at 2AM (this is LA) and hittin' up after hours 'til 7am OR you being in flats all day, putting on your heels at 9PM, going to the club, standing around uncomfortable and not dancing, leaving the club with your shoes in your hand at 2AM irritated, tired and ready to go home (please don't ever do this by the way...carry a pair of flexflops in your purse like me if you think you're going to be having a long night)...Cheap shoes are also the difference between having 10 pairs of heels you don't really like wearing 'cuz they hurt yo feet OR 1 or 2 really stylish, comfortable 4" or 5" pairs that you don't mind throwing on with jeans and a t-shirt and running through the airport trying to make yo Miami flight in (I'm always late for that flight and I live 15 mins away from LAX) or wearing them to go grocery shopping in...You can even run down the aisle and ride the basket in them...You should try it...It's fun...

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  1. Hey,

    My name is Kelsey and I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow Gilt Groupe is having a Hollywould sale (70% off retail)!

    If you would like to join, as its invite only, just go to www.gilt.com and you can use my email (kquan2@aol.com) as a referring email to gain access!

    Happy Shopping