P. Diddy Makes a Man Strip in Public...LOL!

Puff oh I'm sorry...P. Diddy done lost his mind...Page Six is reporting the other night at his annual white party he made some man strip off his cream pants and slip into some white one's that he provided...OK see I can understand making the man change...I'm all against fashion faux pas' too and if I'm throwing the party and can control a faux pas from happening then I'd be all over it too...I said white...I mean white...AND he was even nice enough to loan (Actually I should say give...I'm sure Puff don't want them pants back) the guy a pair of white pants but did he really need to make him change in the street? See THAT'S a lil too much...I know his lil mini me told on that dude...Look at him pointin' him out...Lil snitch...

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