Y3 Boots at eLuxury...

A couple years ago I wanted a pair of Y3 navy boots...They kinda resembled these but they weren't so tall... They were maybe 3 or 4 inches shorter... I thought they were fly and I was very upset when they sold out and I couldn't find them... I just stumbled across these Y3 Runway Nagatabi Boot over at eLux and while I didn't fall in immediate love with them like I did previous seasons I still think I can rock the ish outta these (even tho they are a bit super hero-ish)...The red is a HUGE deviation from anything I'd ever wear (I don't rock red at all) but the illness of the boots overcomes the color...I might hafta cop these but first I'm go'n do a Google search and maybe some eBaying and see if I can find the navy one's from a couple years ago...

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