Reef Stash Sandals...They serious about this huh? I do understand when you're on the beach and you have no pockets but to be real...tie that key around the string of your boardshorts like we've been doing for years and donate that change to the bum standing next to the lemonade stand where you just got that change (what bum? there's always bum at the beach)...I'll tell you one thing if I did get these flip flops my 'stash' would definitely not consist of keys and some change...

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  1. reef makes the best flip flops. i got some with a bottle opener and a air bubble. shits are more comfortable than my tennis. i want those with the key thing. when i body board during the summer. the only thing i leave on the sand are my keys and flip flops. i put my keys between my flip flops. you're talkin to a true body boarder. rollin out with proeoner all the time. lol. those shoes are the shit. i'm ordering some right now.