01 The One Women's Binary Fashion Watch

With over 10 posts solely about watches, it's fair to say we all know I LOVE them... This one caught my eye just because it was so ill...I have no clue who 01 The One is and I have no clue how to tell time with this watch...There's some sort of binary code to figure out I guess...None of that matters anyway 'cuz it's not like I ever pay attention to the time anyway...Think I'm gonna hafta cop this tho...It'll look ill in the club...


  1. This place has the whole line...


  2. On how to read these watches:
    Just add the numbers of the led alight. Top line shows the hour, bottom line the minutes.
    As you see on the picture its 10:45.


  3. Why didn't I try to cop one of these when first posted? This is CRACK! I need a gold watch although they say this model is for women.