Man.... stupid Proeoner hit me up talkin' 'bout it's snowin' in West LA... he also sent along these pics...it's a lil slushy but he claims that's cuz it started raining immediately after it was snowing for about 10-15mins...whatever...anyone who knows him knows not to believe a word he says so I didn't... we were trying to figure out what website he snatched these pics from...then he sends me this link... so I had to take his word for it...what is the world coming to? First Drama arrested now this...

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  1. Wow. that's crazy. I'm over here talking shit to my homies bragging hoe nice the weather is in l.a., yet it is snowing there. And to top it all off, it hasn't snowed in Germany yet. Germany, the country known for coldness.

    Either the world is really fucking up or it just might be my presence