Nixon Watch

For someone who doesn't like watches or clocks I sure talk a lot about them (I know)...but I saw this watch and couldn't NOT talk about it...

Nixon watches hold a special place in my heart...To me they are one of the few urban/street/skate/whateveryouwannacallit brands that have successfully created a watch line that looks chic but still feels street...The Chalet, the Vega, the Rayna and the Clique can all be worn while you're hustlin' around town or hittin' up the VIP booths (these aren't the only fly one's...just some of my favorites...real ill broads should check out the men's selection...if you're willing to rock a dudes watch your selection just expanded enormously...)

The limited edition Rotolog above is tricked out in 9.25carats of black and white diamonds...This will mos def guarantee to set off any outfit...The skull heads are ill (peeps say they're trendy but I been rockin' skulls since before it was cool so I'll always rock them...told ya'll I think I'm hard)...You can grab them at Barney's

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