Chanel Holographic Nail Polish?

Man how come no one told me about this holographic nail polish from Chanel?!! Ya'll know I'm a dedicated Chanel Ceramic Noir follower...Something about the silvery black shade hypnotizes me and makes me feel so non-mainstream (I know...it's kinda an oxymoron... you got on Chanel nail polish trying to be non-mainstream...that's my guilty pleasure...like Leah from MOB describes her style...It's kinda 'Park Ave meets the hood'...I'm sho it is...that's the style of most hood fashionistas) Anyway...This color combo looks like it's way more hypnotizing than the Ceramic Noir...How come its not being sold in the States? Might hafta have Lil Miss UPS snatch up a set or two and send them over...

Nail polish trends seem to be copying the 80's...I guess kinda like gear is too...Hey growing up in LA in the late 80's all I ever saw on my older cousins were 3 inch airbrushed nails so I was raised on nail art...The spot on Manchester and Vermont would take a $100 bill cut it up and decoupage the pieces on yo nails (I should go see if they still do that)...Back in college I used to paint my nails every night to match the 'fit I was wearing the next day...I shoulda known then I shoudn't of been pre-med...Anyway... I
'm kinda happy nail art is blowing back up...You can find all kindsa blogs and sites dedicated to it these days...Like All Lacquered Up.com...Good ish...Long live nail art...

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