Thrillist vs Daily Candy


My mom says I'm a wealth of useless information...I like to think I know a lot of things about a lot of random things...Sounds better that way...One way I get my useless information is from Daily Candy ...I've been a fan for years...I subscribe to multiple editions...the travel, the LA, the Miami (my home away from home), the everywhere and the kids (even though I have none)...They always have good tips and info and it really is one of the better e-letters to subscribe to...

A couple months ago I received an evite to join Thrillist...From what I gathered it was a Daily Candy for guys...Now we all know I like to embrace my inner tomboy and have a penchant for mens mags...I mean the only magazine I subscribe to is Complex...So I figured what the hell? lemme add my name to the distribution list...All I can really say is I was pleasantly surprised...It IS like a Daily Candy for guys but it's a lil more...it's a lil more fun, a lil more ill and seems like its a lil more relevant for younger ages...So props to the guys at Thrillist... I think they filled a niche that was lightweight barren and very honestly they made Daily Candy seem a lil less sweet...

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