New Era x Agenda x Stoked “Contributions” Collection Hat by In4mation

I saw this hat over at Freshness a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love and for me that's hard to do with fitteds maybe 'cuz I'm a broad...I do own a couple and I rock them from time to time but it's rare that I see one and just have to have it like with this one...The clouds, the cursive (I have a thing for lower case cursive) and the aloha under the brim are so artisitic I couldn't help but to fall in love...This hat by In4mation for the New Era X Agenda X Stoked collabo is just so ill...This first installment of New Era X Agenda X Stoked collabos was designed by six different brands and will be released holiday season and the proceeds will be going to Stoked Mentoring which makes me love this hat even more...Art, fashion and charity? Definitely good ish...

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