Oh Wheely?

Check out this ill shoe wheel I saw over at Fashionista. It will hold up to 30 pairs of men's or women's shoes and for only $65 it's not really that expensive...I think this shoe wheel is a good idea but it seems like it might take up too much space...Yeah it holds 30 pairs but at a width of 13" it's wider than normal shoe boxes that you can stack on top of each other and shove against the wall which you probably can't do with this...I'm sure you need a lil more space than 13" so you can spin the thing around and find your 'kicks...I dunno...I guess maybe if you only have around 30 pairs of shoes and can fit them all in this one contraption then it's OK but I think I'll stick to my Ikea IVAR system that I can continue to expand to fit my ever expanding shoe collection...

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