Nixon X Barney's Collabo

It's no secret that I love Nixon watches and the watch above just made my heart skip a beat again...Nixon has once again created the most beautiful collection of limited edition watches for Barney's for the upcoming holiday season. The collection consists of 3 models. The one above is the All Black Stainless Steel/Rose Gold 51-30. It has two band options...the stingray above (my personal favorite) and a black stainless steel band...Unlike the last Barney's watch that had 9.25 carats of black and white diamonds...This one is only studded with 2 carats of black diamonds...However, only 4 pieces were made which makes this watch truly limited edition...


  1. I have the all black/ hemp band #12/150 for sale on ebay. Check it out!!!!! buy it now get it before christmas!

  2. I have the all black with the hemp band and the rose gold all steel listed on Ebay. Check it out!