Nixie Watch

I have a love/hate relationship with watches...I would really rather not wear one ever but seeing as I live in a society that is dictated by time I usually end up having to put one on...Women's watches are typically too small... they're delicate, cutesy and very honestly most of them just suck...

My first men's watch was given to me by my daddy about 12 yrs ago.... it was a swiss army watch and I loved it dearly... the face was so big it hung over my wrist BUT I could always see the face and always tell time (unlike with that stupid Dior watch I have that is clearly just for show)...I stumbled across this Nixie Watch and I thought it was adorable...

The Cathode Corner Nixie Watch displays the time on nixie tubes, which are quaint neon display tubes once used in calculators in the dawn of recorded history (1969). It is a two-digit wristwatch designed for everyday use, being water-resistant and rugged.
The watch requires no button pushing to operate - it shows the hours, minutes and seconds in sequence at the flick of the wrist.

Valentine's day is coming up...This will be a gift they'll never expect...get it for your guy or your girl... whoever said a girl can't wear a man's watch?

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