Bookswim vs The Library

I saw this over at M.I.S.S. Crew a couple days ago and have been meaning to share it with my fellow dorks...No ladylexx you are not the only one geeking over this...Bookswim is being dubbed the Netflix for Books...Now while I LOVE BOOKS I'm not sure how I feel about this...It's just kinda like a library with a fee...The first thing is...Netflix was replacing in store movie rentals like from Blockbuster or some other video store...You were already paying someone to rent the DVDs now you have the convienence of getting them delivered and no late fees and that ish...But was anyone paying to rent books before? And if they were I can direct them to the closest library where you can rent books for free...There's actually TWO different library systems in LA...Los Angeles Public Library System and the County of Los Angeles Public Library System...Now if you want to subscribe to Bookswim 'cuz you're lazy and just don't feel like going to a library then be it...I can completely understand that but just know that even though they say shippng is free that's really where your $20 monthly fee is going 'cuz the library woulda let you borrow those books for free and I'm sure they have a much larger selection than Bookswim...

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